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The Witches of Qlipha (クリファの魔女 Kurifa no Majo) are a group of powerful witches who have lost control of themselves and their powers and are now going berserk across the world. They are the ones behind the "Curses" that are destroying the world, making them one of the main antagonistic forces of the game.

It is the main goal of the game to defeat them and save them and their home countries from themselves.


The Witches of Qlipha were regular girls and young women who succumbed to intense despair and awakened their inner powers as witches after suffering traumatic events as a result of the Witch Hunt started by the Church of Longinus along with direct intervention from the Pope of Longinus herself, who used their bodies as vessels to hold the powers of a guardian angel.

Losing control of their emotions and their new powers, the witches go berserk and wreak havoc on their respective home countries with the destructive power of their curses.

After the original 10 witches were saved and restored, Illya herself becomes a new Witch of Qlipha after gaining tremendous power from the ten curses of the other Witches of Qlipha converging within her body, along with those of an angel and a demon lord, rather than through the release of despair.

After saving the continent/world of Adria from the destruction brought on by these witches, it is discovered that another set of even more powerful Witches of Qlipha, these ones possessed and influenced by demons much like Elfriede, are wreaking havoc and singlehandedly destroying the other continents/worlds outside of Adria.


The Witches of Qlipha are unique to other witches in that they have the ability to wield a powerful and deadly magic known as Curses. These Curses are unique to each Witch of Qlipha and often have to do with the traumas that led to them becoming berserk.

According to one of Illya's memory stories, these Curses come about when the power of a guardian angel; the power to protect the world, becomes inverted, becoming the power to destroy, likely because of the extreme despair and trauma the witches are feeling at the moment of transformation.

The Curses belonging to the new Witches of Qlipha appear to differ in that they appear to be derived from power granted to them by the demons who are influencing their actions, combined with their trauma and despair.

Only the power of the Staff of Tikkun can cure and dispel the power of the Curses.

Original Group[]

These witches are Witches of Qlipha who were located in the continent of Adria and were driven berserk by the power of an angel housed in their bodies combined with their despair, with each Witch of Qlipha destroying one of ten countries located in the continent.

X. Natasha, the Witch of Mourning Flowers[]

Natasha is a young girl from the Duchy of Fran and the daughter of gardeners who worked at the estate of the Duke of Fran himself. Natasha succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after both of her parents were murdered by the Knights of Longinus.

Believing that covering the world in flowers will make it a happy place, Natasha wields the Curse of Flowers and smothers the Duchy of Fran in Cursed Flowers that suck the very life out of the Earth itself.

IX. Lunalynn, the Witch of Snowy Illusions[]

Lunalynn is a girl from the Principality of Brook who willingly sacrificed herself to the Knights of Longinus to protect her younger sister, Soltina. Lunalynn succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after suffering endless days of agonizing torture at the hands of the Inquisitors.

Desiring to freeze her heart to escape her pain, Lunalynn wields the Curse of Ice and covers the Principality of Brook in ice, snow, and hail, transforming the country into a frozen wasteland.

VIII. Valeriede, the Witch of Conflagration[]

Valeriede is a young woman from the Republic of Nedel who ran an orphanage for street urchins and unwanted orphans, including Belle, whom she treated and loved like her own children. Valeriede succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after her orphanage was burned to the ground, and all of her children killed, by hateful townspeople, who discovered she was harboring a witch amongst her orphans.

Consumed with rage and wanting nothing but revenge for her murdered children, Valeriede wields the Curse of Flames and scorches the Republic of Nedel in blazing flames and towering infernos, intent on reducing the entire country to ash.

VII. A.A., the Witch of Rust[]

A.A. is a homunculus who was created by Professor Mertillier in the Kingdom of Byrune as part of an experiment to create an artificial witch, potentially to use as a weapon against other nations. A.A. succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after witnessing Mertillier, her only loved one, being murdered by the Pope, unaware that Mertillier managed to save her own life using a backup homunculus body.

Unable to handle feeling pure despair for the first time, A.A. wields the Curse of Rust and decimates the technologically advanced Kingdom of Byrune, destroying much of the country's infrastructure and machines with her rust.

VI. Fortina, the Witch of Sacred Swords[]

Fortina is a pious young woman from the Holy See of Hainz who selflessly cared for her closest friend, Florence, during a deadly plague at risk to her own health. Fortina succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after she was cut down and nearly killed in a sudden betrayal by Florence herself, tragically unaware that the latter had been brainwashed by the Pope.

Believing it is now her duty to pass God's judgement on the cruel world, Fortina wields the Curse of Swords and impales and skewers the Holy See of Hainz with her giant Cursed Swords, resulting in much destruction and death across the country.

V. Ophelia, the Witch of Fallen Crystals[]

Ophelia is a dutiful knight from the Kingdom of Vyde who is wholly dedicated to the country's queen, Amleth, whom she has known since childhood. Ophelia succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after becoming heavily injured during an invasion of cursed creatures and having her emotions and feelings for Amleth manipulated by the Pope to coerce her into seeking more power.

Believing even now that she is serving the interests of Queen Amleth, Ophelia wields the Curse of Crystals and destroys the Kingdom of Vyde with her Cursed Crystals, which rain from the sky, destroying and corroding the very land itself.

IV. Cerberus, the Witch of Wailing Lightning[]

Cerberus is a young, puppy-like girl from the Lupus Confederacy who was abandoned on a mountain along with her older sister, Fenrir, because they were witches. Cerberus succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after becoming convinced that she killed Fenrir by accident while trying to save her from an attack by cursed creatures, tragically unaware that Fenrir was still alive.

Convinced that she caused her beloved big sister's death, Cerberus wields the Curse of Lightning and covers the Lupus Confederacy in a deadly lightning storm, striking and pounding the Earth with volley after volley of deadly lightning strikes, threatening to destroy the mountainous region's forests.

III. Rusalka, the Witch of Torrential Sorrow[]

Rusalka is a sickly and bedridden girl from the Kingdom of Chekkos who loves romance stories and had romantic feelings for her older brother. Rusalka succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after she was taken from her home and thrown into a nearby lake to be offered as a living sacrifice to a water goddess in a sudden betrayal by her own brother.

Heartbroken and betrayed by her beloved brother's actions, Rusalka, who slumbers at the bottom of the lake, wields the Curse of Rain and drenches the Kingdom of Chekkos in an endless rainstorm and deluge for the next 100 years, resulting in mass flooding and submerging entire towns across the country completely underwater.

II. Armstrong, the Witch of Lost Souls[]

Armstrong is a young military woman from the Kingdom of Galia and the leader of an army troop consisting entirely of witches known as the Witch Corps. Armstrong succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after being forced to mercy kill the soldiers in her troop, after they were betrayed and gravely injured in a trap set for them by their own allies, in which Armstrong was the only survivor.

Wanting to show the corrupt and classist citizens that all people, witches or human, are the same in death, Armstrong wields the Curse of Specters and leads an invasion of the Kingdom of Galia with her army of summoned specters and lost souls, who attack and suck the life out of their hapless victims.

I. Elfriede, the Witch of Longinus[]

Elfriede is a young woman from the Adrian Empire who serves as the Pope of the Church of Longinus, whose duty it is to seal away the demons that threaten the world. Elfriede succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha after becoming possessed by a demon and being forced to watch as it used her body to slaughter all of her loved ones.

Losing herself to the demonic possession and her own despair, Elfriede wields the Curse of Longinus, which decimates and bathes the Adrian Empire in an unholy light. Under the influence of the demon, she also uses the Church to initiate the Witch Hunt, leading to the suffering, persecution, and deaths of countless other witches and innocents, while also creating the other nine Witches of Qlipha and destroying the world through their ten combined Curses.

0. Illya, the Witch of God's Curse[]

Illya is a girl who was tasked with finding the successor to the Staff of Tikkun and helping them to save the world from calamity. Rather than succumbing to despair, Illya transformed into a Witch of Qlipha after her body and soul became the host to and was overwhelmed by the combined powers of an archangel, a demon lord, and the ten Curses converging within her body.

Struggling between keeping herself alive to be with her loved ones or sacrificing herself to save the world, Illya wields an unprecedented 11th Curse, the Curse of God, which can potentially protect or threaten the entire world itself along with the demon lord sealed within her body who is slowly gaining strength and tempting her with her desires...

New Group[]

These witches are Witches of Qlipha who were granted power by demons who came to manipulate and possess them, tricking them into taking evil actions and influencing them to become berserk. These witches are much more powerful than their predecessors, as they singlehandedly destroy their home continents/worlds rather than just countries.

XI. Paladea, the Witch of Justice[]

Paladea is a girl from Emeria who was granted the ability to wield powerful white flames, capable of destroying demons, by none other than a demon itself, which led her to becoming the commander of the Armed Forces of Humanity and gaining the admiration of countless subordinates, including Fenny. Paladea succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha when the demon began manipulating and convincing her that the only way to save the world from demon-kind was to destroy humanity, who "possess demons in their hearts".

Torn between the demon's manipulative choice of destroying humanity to save the world or destroying the world to save humanity, Paladea wields the Curse of Justice which turns her white flames of justice pitch black and completely incinerates the entirety of Emeria, burning away both demons and humanity in her efforts to save the world.

XII. Kaguya, the Witch of Dreams[]

Kaguya is a royal, but lonely, princess from Zivard whose life is constantly threatened by assassins who have murdered all of her royal siblings, and is under the constant protection of a clan of bodyguards who act as the royal family's shadows, with Kaguya's newest personal "shadow" being Asahi. Kaguya succumbed to despair and became a Witch of Qlipha when Asahi apparently lost her life while protecting her from an assassin, which allowed a demon to come and manipulate her pain, all while tragically unaware that Asahi had been saved by the Successor.

Falling for the demon's temptations in her desire to see Asahi once again, Kaguya wields the Curse of Fog which blankets the entirety of Zivard in a thick and heavy enchanted fog that forces all of the people to fall into a deep slumber, while also sapping them of their life forces, plunging the entire world into an endless night.


A boss battle with a Witch of Qlipha typically happens at the end of the final Quest in the Witch's respective homeland.

Original Group[]

Icon Witch of Qlipha Symbol Country Quest
IconNatashaQlipha Natasha X Duchy of Fran 1-12
IconLunalynnQlipha Lunalynn IX Principality of Brook 3-24
IconValeriedeQlipha Valeriede VIII Republic of Nedel 5-28
IconA.A.Qlipha A.A. VII Kingdom of Byrune 8-28
IconFortinaQlipha Fortina VI Holy See of Hainz 11-28
IconOpheliaQlipha Ophelia V Kingdom of Vyde 14-28
IconCerberusQlipha Cerberus IV Lupus Confederacy 17-28
IconRusalkaQlipha Rusalka III Kingdom of Chekkos 20-28
IconArmstrongQlipha Armstrong II Kingdom of Galia 23-28
IconElfriedeQlipha Elfriede I Adrian Empire 26-28

New Group[]

Icon Witch of Qlipha Symbol Continent Quest
IconPaladeaQlipha Paladea ♈︎ Emeria 30-40
IconKaguyaQlipha Kaguya ♉︎ Zivard 34-40


  • In Jewish mysticism, Qliphoth are the representation of evil or impure spiritual forces.
  • When encountering members of the original group of Witches in battle, they each have a Roman numeral in their left eye, indicating the order in which they are fought going backwards from 10. This disappears when they are defeated and restored.
  • The new Witches of Qlipha, encountered in the continents outside of Adria, possess a Zodiac sign in their left eyes rather than Roman numerals, although the titles of their laments still contain Roman numerals starting from 11.
  • Witches of Qlipha obtained by the player are in their restored form, even if obtained before encountering them during the Quest.
  • So far, Illya is the only Witch of Qlipha who isn't encountered in battle.
  • In all materials presented by Bank of Innovation so far, the Roman numerals used in the titles of these witches' laments contain characters in the Unicode range from U+2160 to U+216B (corresponding to Ⅰ through Ⅻ).[1] It is not known what pattern will be followed for successive witches.