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Big Sis has always been the one saving me. That's why this time, I'm going to be one to save her...!

Soltina (ソルティーナ Sorutiina) is a witch in Memento Mori. A girl who longs to save the one who was imprisoned in her place—her big sister.

She is voiced by Yoshino Nanjo in Japanese and by Giselle Fernandez in English.



A girl from the Principality of Brook who loves her older sister, Lunalynn, more than anything. When the two of them lived together, Soltina worked at a bakery. She is as bright and cheerful as the sun—the complete opposite of her introverted sister.

Character Introduction[]

A girl as bright and cheerful as the sun who loves her older sister Lunalynn. After Lunalynn allows herself to be captured by the Inquisition in her younger sister's stead, Soltina now braves through the cursed ice alone to save her.


Snow Dream Active Skill
Snow Dream
5 Turns
Soltina sends a rush of cold air that envelops the enemy, dealing 1 magical attack equal to 420% of her ATK to 2 random enemies. Their frozen minds are overwhelmed by severe drowsiness. If this attack deals a critical hit, it decreases the target's Critical RES by 80% and inflicts [Sleep] for 1 turn. [Sleep] is dispelled when the target is attacked.
(LV 2) The magical attack's damage becomes equal to 460% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 81)
(LV 3) The targets of this skill becomes 3 random enemies. (Unlocked at Lv 161)
Ice Spine Active Skill
Ice Spine
4 Turns
Rosalie taught Soltina magic that allows her to weave a blade of ice using the enemy's magic power. Deals 1 magical attack equal to 520% of her ATK to the enemy with the highest ATK. The magical ice freezes the enemy to their very soul. If the target’s MAG is lower than Soltina’s MAG, this skill has a 70% chance to inflict [Fainted] for 1 turn. (Unlocked at Lv 11)
(LV 2) The magical attack’s damage becomes equal to 600% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 21)
(LV 3) The chance to inflict [Fainted] becomes 100%. (Unlocked at Lv 101)
(LV 4) The magical attack’s damage becomes equal to 780% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 181)
My Stuffed Bear Passive Skill
My Stuffed Bear
No matter how tough things get, Soltina believes that if she hugs her stuffed bear, her big sis will save her. If Soltina is afflicted with a debuff, and the number of debuffs she is afflicted with is 2 or more, this skill dispels all debuffs from her. This skill activates 1 time every 4 turns. (Unlocked at Lv 41)
(LV 2) Additionally increases her chance to deal a critical hit by 20% for 2 turns. (Unlocked at Lv 121)
(LV 3) The increase in her chance to deal a critical hit becomes 50%. (Unlocked at Lv 201)
Sisterly Bond Passive Skill
Sisterly Bond
Soltina proclaims, "I'm going to save you, Big Sis! I won't rest until I do!" At the start of the turn, this skill grants 2 layers of [Multi-Barrier] to Soltina (cannot be dispelled). If she takes damage that is equal to 10% or higher of her max HP, 1 barrier layer is depleted to nullify the damage. This skill activates 1 time every 4 turns. (Unlocked at Lv 61)
(LV 2) The layers of [Multi-Barrier] become 4. (Unlocked at Lv 141)
(LV 3) Additionally, while she is enhanced with [Multi-Barrier], increases her chance to deal a critical hit by 30%. (Unlocked at Lv 221)

Unique Weapon Details[]

  Unique Weapon for Soltina


Unique Skill Effects
(LV 1) Strengthens Snow Dream. The magical attack's damage becomes equal to 480% of her ATK. (SSR, initial state)
(LV 2) Strengthens Ice Spine. The number of turns of [Fainted] becomes 2. (Unlocked at UR)
(LV 3) Strengthens Snow Dream. The targets of Snow Dream become 4 random enemies. (Unlocked at LR)


  • Soltina's name contains 'Sol' (Sun), matching with her sister Lunalynn who has 'Luna' (Moon) in her name.
  • Soltina shares a birthday with Hathor, one of three non-variant groups to share a birthday (the others being Fia & Matilda and Alexandra & Minasumari).


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