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Lunalynn (ルナリンド Runarindo) is a witch in Memento Mori. A girl who sacrificed everything to protect her precious little sister.

She is one of the Witches of Qlipha wreaking havoc on the world, encountered in the Principality of Brook.

She is voiced by Kaede Hondo in Japanese and by Kate Clarke in English.



A girl from the Principality of Brook who treasures her younger sister, Soltina. To protect her sister, Lunalynn was captured by the Inquisition, but became a witch after succumbing to their cruel torture. She is a Debbie Downer with no self-confidence, and is quick to apologize for anything.

Character Introduction[]

A timid girl who tends to shut herself away from the world. When the Inquisition came for her younger sister, Soltina, Lunalynn allowed herself to be captured instead. However, she had no idea how cruel their tortures would be...


Ice Coffin Active Skill
Ice Coffin
7 Turns
Lunalynn's weak spirit causes her heart to succumb to despair, creating a coffin of ice. The chilling air of the underworld begins overwhelming the enemy, dealing 1 magical attack equal to 245% of Lunalynn's ATK to all enemies. The chilling air freezes the hearts of the cowardly and if it deals a critical hit, it inflicts [Silence] on the target for 1 turn.
(LV 2) The magical attack's damage becomes equal to 265% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 81)
(LV 3) The magical attack's damage becomes equal to 300% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 161)
Blizzard of Despair Active Skill
Blizzard of Despair
4 Turns
The freezing ice of Lunalynn's snowy illusions deals 1 magical attack equal to 220% of her ATK to all enemies. The bodies of anyone seized by the ice's despair are consumed by the Curse. If a target's MAG is lower than Lunalynn's MAG, this skill inflicts [Poison] on them 2 turns. Each turn, at the start of the action phase, [Poison] deals damage equal to 10% of a target's current HP. (Unlocked at Lv 11)
(LV 2) The damage from [Poison] becomes equal to 15% of a target's current HP. (Unlocked at Lv 21)
(LV 3) The magical attack's damage becomes equal to 285% of her ATK. (Unlocked at Lv 101)
(LV 4) The number of turns of [Poison] becomes 3. (Unlocked at Lv 181)
Sisterly Bond Lunalynn Passive Skill
Sisterly Bond
Lunalynn will protect her precious little sister from every kind of adversity. As long as Lunalynn is alive, this skill increases all allies' P. DEF by 5%. (Unlocked at Lv 41)
(LV 2) The amount her P. DEF increases by becomes 10%. (Unlocked at Lv 121)
(LV 3) The amount her P. DEF increases by becomes 20%. (Unlocked at Lv 201)
Frozen Heart Passive Skill
Frozen Heart
If Lunalynn is locked away inside the ice, she can't feel anything—no pain, no despair...nothing. Decreases the damage she takes by 25% (cannot be dispelled). (Unlocked at Lv 61)
(LV 2) Additionally increases her HP Drain by 25% (cannot be dispelled). (Unlocked at Lv 141)
(LV 3) The decrease in damage she takes becomes 40%. (Unlocked at Lv 221)

Unique Weapon Details[]

  Unique Weapon for 【The Witch of Snowy Illusions】 Lunalynn


Unique Skill Effects
(LV 1) Strengthens Ice Coffin. Additionally, before dealing the magical attack, increases her chance to deal a critical hit by 25%. (SSR, initial state)
(LV 2) Strengthens Ice Coffin. The number of turns of [Silence] becomes 3. (Unlocked at UR)
(LV 3) Strengthens Ice Coffin. The increase in her chance to deal a critical hit becomes 40%. (Unlocked at LR)


  • Lunalynn's name contains 'Luna' (Moon), matching with her sister Soltina who has 'Sol' (Sun) in her name.
  • Her name is Lunalinde in all version of the game except English.


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